The architecture of the system is centralized, with databases on the server, which ensures the consistency and uniqueness of the data, preventing duplications of any kind.

The application is developed in web based technology. The access of the users will be done through a WEB browser.

The application allows access for 300 users without further optimization actions. From the point of view of the number of documents, the application is limited only by the capacity of the storage system that is made available to it.

    In this mode, users can view all documents uploaded to the archive. The module has the following functionalities:

  • Adding documents - in multipage pdf or multiple pdfs
  • Search for documents / folders by metadata as well as full-text (for used documents)
  • Returns results according to user permissions
  • Filtering results by: issuing compartment, year, document type, file storage period, other configurable metadata
  • Export search result - allows the creation of personalized reports
  • Simultaneous access to the same document for all users of the application
  • Inventory of a box / file
  • View in a hierarchical organization of documents / folders per issuing compartment, year, document type
  • Users will be able to organize the documents / folders to which they have access in personal folders

    The introduction of documents in the archive can be done both from the archive module and from the module of integration with the registry and the management of documents by marking the work as "archive" data ”, the synchronization is done automatically, and the work will appear in the archive module as an unprocessed work.

    The list of works processed in the archive module allows:

  • View the documents
  • View the history
  • Processing of documents: choosing the type of document / file with autocompletion from the archival nomenclature, entering metadata (content information and location in the archive)

    The application will automatically generate for the opis file and the label for file, as well as Minutes of teaching-receiving and scrapping documents.

    List of created files allows:

  • Viewing the file
  • Filling the information in the fields configured for the type of file
  • Entering the location of the file in the physical archive
  • Generating and printing the tag
  • Searching for files by type, indicative from nomenclature, retention term, archive date Filing files by status (term expiration)

    Mode administration:

  • allows the archive nomenclature to be uploaded, viewed by any user and downloaded in PDF format
  • allows to configure the label format based on the information entered when adding the document to the system
  • archive body configuration - the module allows to add the camera parameters archive and configuration of the storage solution by entering the number of racks, sectors, floors, etc. for each room
  • identifying files in the archive - the module allows to enter the location information of the each file within the institution s archive according to predetermined criteria (room, rake, sector, floor)
  • archival nomenclature - allows the archive nomenclature to be uploaded (types of files by department), viewed by any user and downloaded in PDF format
  • labeling files - the module allows the automatic generation of labels based on the information entered when adding the document to the system
  • bar code generation - the module generates incremental bar codes for easy identification of documents
  • evidence - the record entry-exit the archive room, the clear places of the free
  • extraction basket from archive, it automatically generates a verbal process
  • issuing a verbal process teaching-receiving box / archive file

    The module follows the evolution of the loading of the archive bodies and allows the realization of statistics of useful based on the date

  • statistics period of documents destruction
  • statistics types of documents in the archive

    Through this module you can edit and group a large number of documents by a quick method. The basic features of the module are:

  • rotate (+/- 90, 180)
  • crop
  • deskew
  • delete image from a batch
  • add image to a batch
  • zoom
  • metadata from image
  • group images in document
  • generate PDF document

    This module is optimized to process a large number of documents following an internal scanning process.

    This module synchronizes the document management solution archive module operable to automatically upload all documents marked in the document management solution to be archived.

    This module automates the transfer of all data from the document management to be transmited in the operational archive for archiving.

    Processing is performed automatically every day outside the institution s work schedule, in order to automatically recognize the characters (within the quality of the text in the image) of the scanned documents and allow them to be searched for content

    The implementation service of the Management Information System Archive includes

  • Installation and configuration of the server
  • Installation and configuration of the application
  • User training
  • Customization of the application
  • Specialized consulting for implementation and optimization of application or business flows