GYROSCOPE - helps manage the day-to-day activities of Civil Status Officers more easily, more correctly, and safely
Software solution for computerizing the civil service activities, is a powerful tool for keeping track of people evidence and managing civil state documents, offering an ergonomic and automated interface for introducing and validating data

  • - Facilitate reporting by generating and automatically printing of the reports every 10 days, for communications, certificates, excerpts
  • - Allows the introduction and issuance of the birth, marriage, death certificate and the introduction and operation of mentions
  • - Assist the user by validation of coherence - doesn’t allow the introduction of an act with data before the data of the social security number of the person, and consistancy - autocomplete information already existing in the system based on the social security number of the person is introduced
  • - Improves control over access to documents and the operations performed - the application has a log system for the operator s username, data and time of access a document
  • - Improves safety, the application does not allow unauthorized access to people outside the network, the security being based on a SSL certificate with encrypted connection but also based on a log-in panel.
  • - Improves ergonomics, redundant operations are eliminated and replaced with systems and algorithms to automatically generate the necessary information
  • - Improves security of data and assures a method of recovery by automatic back-up in the database
  • - Ensures compliance with the current legislation
  • - Improves the image of the institution

  • - Simultaneous access to users.
  • - Introducing the birth, marriage and death documents.
  • - Introduce and issue of birth, marriage and death certificates.
  • - Entering mentions(addendums).
  • - Automatic generation of reports, communications, and certifications.
  • - Print reports from 10 to 10 days, communications, certificates (burial certificate).
  • - Printing of certificates, extracts.
  • - Scanning and inserting the multimedia act into the system
  • - Possibility of introducing the act according to the specimen (specimen 1 - city halls, specimen 2 - City Council)
  • - Searching for documents according to the certain criteria, Searching for certificates according to certain criteria
  • - Display of the document, mentions attributed to the act and also the picture of the document.
  • - Possibility of operating mentions(addendums) by the users.
  • - Modification of the header for each mayoralty separately.
  • - Adding and modifying the program administration users
  • - Adding new names of localities, updating localities nomenclature
  • - Addition and updating of nationalities and citizenships
  • - Add and modify types of mentions
  • - Communications(radiograms) addition and modification
  • - Generation of reports, statistics on demand
  • - Real-time updating of the database, Automatic backup in the database
  • - Introduction and display of special characters (diacritics)
  • - Visual signaling of errors before introduction
  • - Disabling the uses without the possibility of deletion for record keeping.
  • - Access of the help module
  • - Internet based access to users
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